5 Common Myths About Termites in Malaysia Debunked

Termites pose a serious threat to homeowners in Malaysia.

However, many homeowners still have misconceptions about them and don’t realize just how harmful termites can be.

So, that is why we are here to debunk all the myths about termites in Malaysia once and for all.

Things About Termites in Malaysia That are Simply Not True!

It is important to know the facts about termites so that you can safeguard your property and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of termite infestation.

Therefore, here are some of the biggest myths about termites in Malaysia, debunked for you.

1. Termites infestations are obvious

One of the biggest myths about termites is that you can spot an infestation easily.

However, the reality is termite infestations are not always immediately obvious.

In fact, many homeowners fail to notice the first sign of an infestation until there is extensive damage to the structure.

That is why it is important to have your home inspected by a pest control professional as soon as you suspect an infestation.

The detection of termites will require the use of specialised equipment and methods by pest control specialists.

5 Common Myths About Termites in Malaysia Debunked

2. Termites treatments last forever

Many people think termite treatment is permanent, but this is not the case.

Even though a single application of treatment may be effective for a couple of years up to 5 years, it may not guarantee that your property will remain protected for the following several years.

This is because termites, as persistent and destructive as they may be, can build up resistance to treatments over time.

Hence, to make sure your property stays termite-free, it is crucial to get regular termite inspections and treatments. 

3.Termites only infest wooden houses

You may think your concrete house is safe from termites, but is it?

Most houses in Malaysia are typically built on wooden frames.

This means your house is not totally safe from termite infections just because it is made from concrete.

Moreover, termites may not be able to chew through concrete, but they can access the wooden parts of the house through cracks in the concrete.

4. DIY treatments can replace professional termite treatments

For most people, DIY termite treatments may seem like the most affordable and simple way to eliminate termites, but they won’t produce the desired results.

The truth is that DIY treatments are far less effective than professional termite treatments.

The treatment process for termites is extremely thorough, as termites can cause significantly more damage than expected.

Termite treatments done by certified and experienced pest control technicians ensure that your property is given the best chance of removing these pests.

5 Common Myths About Termites in Malaysia Debunked

5. Termites treatments in Malaysia are super expensive

There are many myths about termites in Malaysia, but none are more prevalent than the idea that “it is too expensive to deal with termites.”

The truth is actually quite different.

The cost of termite treatments is a fraction of the price of structural damage that threatens the integrity of your home or office.

Affordable Termite Control Solutions in Malaysia

Termites are an ever-present risk; these myths should not keep you from seeking proper treatments.

So, if you are experiencing termite problems, it’s best to get help from pest control experts instead of taking measures into your own hands.

Give Pestmaster a call, and we will send out our expertly trained termite control specialists right away.

Schedule your inspection today and dispel some myths along the way.

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