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Since 2006, Pestmaster has been a dependable and professional provider of pest control treatments, offering customized solutions and programs to address serious pest infestations on our customers’ properties.

Our expertise in pest management, coupled with our commitment to quality and reliability, has made us a trusted and sought-after service provider in the pest control industry.

As a result, we have established a strong reputation for delivering effective and targeted solutions for various pest-related issues, using safe and environmentally-friendly methods to minimize the impact on your property.

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Best Pest Control Company in Malaysia

Our service records have provided us with the opportunity to offer our clients effective and affordable pest solutions.

At Pestmaster, we prioritize providing high-quality and effective environmentally-friendly pest control services and products. Our team is proud to offer prompt and reliable responses to all of our clients’ pest control needs.

Our internationally-renowned products, such as TIMBOR and Exterminex, contain eco-friendly ingredients that effectively combat pest infestations while also protecting the environment. Our staff is extensively trained in the proper use of these products, and we have received recognition from industry specialists and relevant local authorities for our exceptional services.

As a trusted pest control company, we strive to provide tailored solutions that address our clients’ unique pest problems.

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Top Rated Pest Control Solution

Quality products are essential for effective pest control solutions.

We prioritize the use of top-notch products to protect your property from pest infestations.

Our comprehensive pest control treatments are designed to minimize maintenance costs while ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

We offer fair pricing, a service guarantee, rapid response times, and tailored pest control programs, all while providing exceptional customer service.

By using eco-friendly pest control products and methods, we aim to safeguard your property against pests while protecting the environment.

Trust us for reliable pest control solutions that provide value and peace of mind.

Why Are We the Preferred Pest Services Company?

Licensed and certified pest control company

Experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with various pests

Responsive and available to meet customer needs

Offers eco-friendly and safe pest control solutions

Provides affordable pest control solutions that align with your budget

Trusted and preferred choice for pest services


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Pesticide License for Storage
SEL 2009/983/208(SJ)

No. Pendaftaran: 725860D

Food Hygiene for Hotels and Restaurants
Essential Requirements, UKM

HACCP Course
Introduction to HACCP Course UKM

HACCP Train the Trainer
US Agency for International Development and US Department of Agriculture

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