5 Functional Ways to Get Rid of Bed bugs from Bed


Sleeping with the Enemy

“Dreaming of getting up from bed with red patches on your body? Sleep with the bed bugs,” said nobody.

As much as we hate the roaches, bed bugs are undeniably scary too. Just to add to your fear, they are incredibly resilient and hardy, and they breed as fast as rabbits.

So, if you get up with red patches on your body, don’t take it lightly thinking they could be mosquito bites. Many of the times they can be due to bed bugs doing all the biting. How do you know if they are bedbug bites? The itchiness stays for days leaving brown scars that take months to disappear.

What causes bed bugs in Malaysia?

Bed bugs can be found in any location where humans congregate and spend extended time. So, it is important to be on the lookout for bed bugs when using public transportation or sitting in public places like libraries too.

There are many other ways for you to know if there is any bed bugs infestation on your bed, blanket and pillows. Look out for small dark or brown stains. These are usually the bedbug droppings. Statistics have shown that a majority of people struggle to get rid of bed bugs because they reproduce very fast and lay up to 500 eggs in every 6 months.

With all of these in mind, we have discovered easy functional ways to get rid of bed bugs from your bed for good! Before killing them, you got to first get them out of their hiding spots. For you to do that, you got to play around with their weakness – heat. Either use a steam cleaner or a hairdryer to chase them out. Then, kill them!

How can I get rid of bed bugs on my bed?

  1. Wash your fabric-based items in hot water
  2. Use baking soda
  3. Use herbs
  4. Sprinkle Diatomaceous earth
  5. EPA-registered insecticide

#1 Wash fabric-based items in hot water


If you are waking up to clear skin and no red patches, you should know that you are free from those little creeps!

Bed bugs can’t survive in high heat. So, as mentioned earlier you may use heat to get them out of their hiding spot and later expose them in high heat like in 46 Degrees to get them vanished.

You could wash your bedding, clothes and curtains in hot water for about 30-40 minutes and leave them in a dryer on the highest heat setting for a minimum of 30 minutes. Also, you can use a steamer on mattresses, couches or other big huge fabric-based furniture and observe the difference in 3-4 weeks to know if there are still bed bugs nuisance.

#2 Use baking soda to get rid of bed bugs

Be mindful when you are applying this method because you don’t want little feet crawling at home with white powder on them. Once you have tidied up your home, pour baking soda in a bowl and using a paintbrush, dust the powder over har surfaces and into cracks.

Don’t overlook the mattress area, between the springs and around the frame. You only need to leave them there for a week to dry and get rid of the beg bugs and their eggs. Keep repeating every 3 weeks to make sure they are completely gone.

#3 Use herbs to get rid of bed bugs


Anything that has a good fragrance to us is an enemy for the bed bugs. Pick fragrances like lavender, mint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, rosemary or more according to your preferences. These little nuisances hate the smell and they will not come near to any place that has that smell.

So, once you have done all you can to get rid of bed bugs, you are suggested to place fresh or dried fragrances around your home.

#4 Sprinkle Diatomaceous earth as bed bugs treatment

This method applies the same precautions as above. Remember to use this only if you don’t have young children and pets. Diatomaceous earth works wonder on many different pest control actions. Made of diatoms, they are deadly for bed bugs. All you need to do is sprinkle them on your bed or areas where they are highly existing and leave for a few days to see the results. You should be expecting dead bed bugs around the spotted area.

#5 Use EPA-registered bed bugs insecticide


In a worst-case scenario, you are advised to opt to chemical-based treatments because these stubborn bed bugs are never welcomed to your bed. Use EPA-registered insecticide that is specially designated for bed bugs such as Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids. These are the most commonly used insecticides for bed bugs. Others would be Pyrroles, Neonicotinoids which are man-made versions of nicotine that destroy bugs’ nervous system and bug bombs.

If it still doesn’t work, then believe us that it is no longer in your hands but…

The Pest Control Experts

We understand how annoying it could be to still have those nuisances on your bed after all those attempts. Which is why we are here to give a helping hand. And, some things can go out of our capabilities and we will have to hand issues over to the experts.

Fret not about where to find and which team would best provide you with services you can afford. We are here to make sure you get the most peaceful sleep and safest home to be with your loved ones.

Can I get rid of bed bugs in one treatment?

Getting rid of bed bugs can only be done completely in the time span of a week to months. It also depends on the nature and the intensity of bedbug infestation on your bed. Hence, with the good cooperation with the experts and family members, you may enjoy a good sleep once again.

How do I keep bed bugs from climbing my bed?

Install bed bug barrier

Make your bed an island.

You can best stay away from biting bedbugs by installing barriers around your bed. Consider getting encasements for your bed frame and headboard or footboard. Encase your mattress and box spring with zippered encasements that are specially designed for bed bugs.

For an alternative, you can get any zippered encasement as long as you put a duct tape over the whole zipper. So, these encasements act like protectors in which bed bugs outside your bed will not get inside and the ones inside will not bite you anymore.

Stay away from the wall

Another option could be moving your bed away from the wall. Don’t give those pests climbing up the wall to your bed. Better yet, place cups or any devices that play the same function under all the legs of your bed. Then, dust the insides of the cups with talcum powder and your bed is now permanently out of the bed bugs torture.

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