Anti-termite: Do this to Kill Termites Forever


Instead of creating an anti-xxx army, consider being an anti-termite army.

Instead of attacking people on the internet, let’s attack the real enemy instead. Yes, we are talking about the Almighty Termites that are capable of destroying your Home Sweet Home.

If you want to get rid of enemies once and for all, you will need to first, study about them – their background, lifestyle and traps. FYI, we are not serial killers. We are only talking about pests.

And, when it comes to termites, we have done in-depth research for you. So, here it goes!


Types of termites in Malaysia

Subterranean Termites

The most obvious type of termites you will see in Malaysia is the Subterranean termites. They are the most destructive type as their colony can consist of more than 2 million termites each.

Subterranean termites feed heavily – eating through structures, furniture and roofing. They basically need soil to survive. So, if you notice them on your roof, they are to emerge from the ground floor of your home.

Drywood Termites

Wait, we thought termites need water to survive and we could save our things that are in dry places. With drywood termites, our idea is cancelled. Not all termites need water.

Drywood termites got their name because they are found in drywood and they don’t need water to survive. You can detect these termites when you purchase furniture or big wooden tables. So, be careful with what you’re bringing home.

Once they spread into your house, they will continue to devour your furniture and build interconnected tunnels which looks like building structure.

Dampwood termites

Here is why background study is very crucial. All plans must be planned well.

Dampwood termites, on the other hand, are found on moist plants and wood, usually outdoors. Luckily, they are the least dangerous type of termites. They don’t carry disease nor do they bother damaging buildings.

But, to keep your mind at peace, do get rid of them if you see termite infestation in your home. And, always keep an eye on your outdoor furniture.


Why do termites eat wood?

The main source of food for termites is cellulose contain in the wood. While most eat on dry leaves, tree stumps and papers, some termites feed on linen, wool, cotton fabrics and leather.

The dangerous part about termites is that they are almost impossible to be detected immediately. They live in wooden structures without revealing themselves for several years.

So, don’t be surprised if the structures collapse even before you have an intention to get rid of termites. Such a betrayal, isn’t it?

Termite-prone spots

First, identify the locations of the termite infestations in your property. Look for signs directly and indirectly.

Don’t take it lightly if you do not see any signs because as simple situation like sagging floors, small holes in wooden elements could be because of them. The secret lies in the details of your furniture.

  • Inspect the basement
  • Trace the faeces
  • Look for termites nest
  • Determine the type of termite


How do I permanently get rid of termites?

Even though professional termite control can be costly, you need to reach out to the professional pest exterminators if the termite infestation is in a complicated stage in your property.

Nevertheless, the solutions suggested below are ones that you can do it yourself. These methods are ranked from the strongest to the weakest. So, you can apply the methods according to how major the termite infestation is.

Liquid Termite Barrier

This method does not only kill present infested termites but it is good for prevention too. The primary use of this liquid termite barrier is to surround your house in a pesticide barrier that will poison termites upon contact.

FYI, this chemical is commonly used around the entire foundation of the house and you can also use it for your wooden structures, woodpiles and tree stumps. There are many brands that you can use, so pick as your liking.

Benefits of liquid termite barrier:

  • Undetectable by termites, hence they cannot avoid the chemical smell.
  • Has a multiplier effect, so can spread by contact.
  • Slow acting, giving ample time for the poison to spread to other termites.
  • Non-repellent, to make termites not detect the chemical presence.

Anti-termite Poisoned Bait

If you don’t feel comfortable having gallons of pesticide sprayed around your home, you can opt to poisoned baits. This anti-termite poison bait will attract foraging termites that then spread the poison to its colonies.

These anti-termite baits come in different brands and packaging for the best termite baiting and detecting system. The best thing about this bait is that it can easily be installed in the ground around the perimeter of your house.

Benefits of anti-termite poisoned bait:

  • Spreads poison and there are high chances to wipe out the termite colony
  • Less costly and time-consuming
  • Highly effective for Subterranean termites.

Direct Chemical Treatment

As the name says for itself, we find it to be unsuitable to have this termite treatment directly within your house. It is best for termite spots in crevices in your wall, attic and rafters.

This treatment usually uses foam that is highly effective for termites that hide in the crevices and voids. the chemical slowly evaporates and leaves the poison to spread among the termites upon contact. You can even get foams that are odourless and they can be a great benefit for indoor uses.


  • Cost and time effective
  • Excellent at killing both Subterranean and Drywood termites
  • Lasts for at least a month

Other anti-termite solutions

  • Boric acid
  • Beneficial Nematodes
  • Diatomaceous Earth


The Pest Control Experts

Remember to maintain the treatment methods whoever you choose to clear out termite infestations completely and prevent them from invading your property at all costs. On a side note, clear their food resources, reduce moisture as much as you can and seal termites access points.

The best yet is to sign up for professional pest control team’s prevention plan. You need not worry about termites ever again.

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