Bed Bug Control


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs can come from many places, commonly from already infested areas or old furniture without expert bed bug control. Other places include transfers from bags on upholstered fabric. Apart from textiles, bed bugs can travel between rooms in buildings or houses.


Even the most sensible people are terrified when they see a bed bug. But have no fear: bed bug infestations are treatable, and you can actually manage them yourself within your budget.

However, it will take time and effort on your part, but you can eliminate a bed bug infestation in your home or business permanently.

  1. Declutter rooms with upholstery, especially in the bedroom. 
  2. Move beds and furniture away from walls.
  3. Clean windows and floors regularly.
  4. Vacuum mattresses and furniture. Dispose vacuum contents immediately in a concealed bag.
  5. Wash fabrics (bedsheets, pillow cases, blanket etc) and air dry under sunlight / put in a hot dryer for 30 minutes. 
  6. Fully seal any crevices in walls where pipes / wires come through (air conditioner, piping etc).


Certainly, you may believe you’ve exterminated your infestation, but the bugs are still hidden inside your wall voids, waiting to bite you again.

When they do, the first thought is that you’ve contracted “another” infestation when, in fact, it’s the same one!

In the end, it could lead you to toss out mattresses, couches, and chairs, as well as ripping your walls apart. Therefore, the better option is to get the help of a professional. 

  • They treat all crevices and cracks with safe insecticide. 
  • Total disinfection process
  • Complete elimination 
  • They use repellent to prevent bed bug activity
  • Experts deodorize common bed bug infestation areas

So schedule an appointment by professionals to inspect your property for bed bug invasion. Never worry about these creepy crawlers anymore.

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