Snake Control Tips to Prevent Snake Sighting at Your Garden

If you’re trying to practice snake control by your own in your garden, we remind you to be careful.  Because unfortunately,  snakes love to hang out in areas that are covered in a dense array of plants.

They are naturally drawn to spots where there is plenty of foliage that can serve as camouflage while they sneak up close enough to strike their prey. So, to prevent snake sighting in your garden continue reading the tips we have for you.


Tips to Keep Away Snakes from Home during Monsoon Season

Rainy season attracts snakes for shelter in your home and compound.

With Malaysia experiencing delayed Monsoon season, snakes are on the move more than usual around your home. Some people enjoy the encounter with them but not people like us. That’s why you’re reading this article now. We want to keep away snakes from us and our loved ones.

We know several things that attract snakes. Let’s keep them away from sight and you should be good to go. Here’s how you can keep away snakes from home during this Monsoon season in Malaysia.