DIY or Professional Anti Termite Treatment Service?

DIY anti-termite treatment may be promoted as a cheaper alternative to get rid of termites that only ends up in greater costs.

Termite problems are rapidly growing in the market that makes you want to solve the issue yourself. We’d say it’s not the best option to go for. So, don’t say we did not warn you.

Do-it-yourself can be great for projects like standing the deck, painting the walls and making handy crafts but is not be the case for termites. And, there are several risks that you might be taking if you were to attempt to use termite treatment methods on your own.

But, we will leave the pros and cons here for you to decide what you want to do. The decision is yours!

What is anti termite treatment?

Antitermite treatment is a chemical procedure carried out for soil, masonry, wood, and electrical fixtures to provide the building with a chemical barrier against the subterranean termites before and after construction.

What are the DIY anti-termite treatments?

  • Termite bait
  • Heat
  • Orange oil
  • Cardboard traps
  • Sunlight
  • Beneficial Nematodes
  • Boric Acid
  • Diatomaceous earth

While DIY termite treatments can be a quick fix, professional anti-termite services are done differently and with more efficiency.

If the termite infestation is not critical, or you want to work on the prevention methods, then we’d say DIY anti-termite treatments can be a solution for you. But, for you to know how critical the infestation is you need to get the professionals to do their part.

DIY or Professional Anti Termite Treatment?


DIY Anti-termite Treatment

The risks involved when using DIY termite treatment kit are:

Incorrect application of termite treatment can endanger you, your family and pets. You may be affected in health if there is any way of consumption that happens by accident.

You may not know in-depth about termite infestation in your home. So, using a bait that is not palatable to the termite species can get yourself into an ineffective solution.

It is important for you to ensure that your DIY products are in line with the Pesticide Act 1974 which is the principle legislation to regulate pest management of pesticides in Malaysia.

You need to monitor your pest treatment progress on a weekly basis. But, be warned that even if you no longer see termite infestation at particular locations, you need to make sure they are not infesting other areas of your home.


Professional Anti-Termite Treatment Services

Effective anti-termite treatment typically requires proper identification of the termite species and infestation as well as a comprehensive inspection.

Only then will you know to what extent the termite infestation is and what anti-termite treatment plan you will require for your home. So, a local professional termite control team is usually equipped with in-depth termite knowledge and expertise to deploy the best termite control recommendations.

On top of that, they pay frequent visits to your home throughout the termite treatment progress to make sure a full assessment is done. If you were to choose DIY anti-termite treatment, the frequent inspection will cost you more than what you thought you’d spend.

So, in short, with a professional anti-termite treatment you can:

  • Save more cost
  • More time-consuming but effective
  • All signs of termite damage can be detected
  • Longer lasting results
  • Gives you peace of mind

The Pest Control Experts

Remember to maintain the treatment methods whichever you choose to clear out termite infestations completely. Prevent them from invading your property at all costs. On a side note, clear their food resources, reduce moisture as much as you can and seal termites access points.

The best yet is to sign up for professional pest control team’s prevention plan. You need not worry about termites ever again.


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