Fleas & Ticks Control


Fleas and ticks are a common problem in people’s homes, especially those with pets. Even if you don’t own a pet, if your home was previously occupied by pet owners, you may have these pest problems. 

Generally, they require blood from a host to survive. Hence, they are most commonly brought into the house by pets. Other mammals, such as rabbits and rats, can also carry fleas.

If you don’t exterminate them properly, they will eventually return. It is bothersome to deal with, especially when you have many pets. 

Hence, treating pets is one way to avoid these pest from infesting your home. Don’t forget to wash and clean everything and call an exterminator to prevent fleas & ticks infestation. 

These pests often appear in homes due to furry pets so we recommend that all pet-owners protect their pets from these pesky pests.

Fleas & Ticks Prevention

Spray the pet’s surrounding frequently to prevent newborn fleas. If you have an in-house pet, avoid frequently taking them out of the house because ticks and fleas may transfer from other animals. However, if you take them out, spray your pet/s with flea repellent to be extra safe.



It is crucial to identify the source of ticks and fleas first to know the next course of action. They can come from pets, external or internal sources. If the source is from pets, apply a safe and easy treatment to eliminate the pests.

Fleas & Ticks Extermination

Pest control companies use a safe insecticide to treat the source and all possibly infested areas along with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) misting to treat hard-to-reach areas. Generally, this will exterminate these pests within a short span of 2 weeks. 

Nonetheless, if the source is from a pet, the extermination treatment will deodorize and disinfect them. It is general knowledge that people treat race horses with this to successfully repel pests and also de-stress the animal.

Schedule an appointment with us to inspect your property for pest invasion. Finally stop worrying about these creepy crawlers.

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