How to Choose the Right Pest Control Service in Malaysia


Best pest control service in Malaysia

Practicing preventive measures requires extensive knowledge of the pest control service.

Plus, some pests are harder to control so you need a reliable and advanced pest control service to help.

Like any other service, the top factor you should focus on is quality. Cost is important, but putting in above all other necessary factors is a mistake.

Make sure the pest exterminator you choose is competent and professional, preferably one that practices an Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Before you make this life-changing decision, here are some pointers for you to choose the best pest control service.

Questions to ask before hiring pest control service

  1. Can you give me a written quote?

    Every service provider’s top customer question is the cost. Although it should never be the main factor, you’re searching for value for money. So, transparency is important to avoid any dishonesty.

    At first, they may state a low cost of pest control service to intrigue you but the total cost may be much higher. That’s why you should always ask for a written quote so you can avoid making a bad decision.

  2. How many years have you been in business?

    To know if a pest control company is an expert at pest extermination, ask them how long they have been in business. Generally, those who are in the industry longer have more experience. There is no fear of unnecessary mistakes since they are experts at the job.

    Needless to say, hiring a new company isn’t all that bad. Just be sure you are confident of their services and convinced with their references.


  3. Are there any guarantees on your service?

    Whether it’s rodent control, bug exterminator, termite control, and the like, it is no easy task. Therefore, the pest control team you hire should guarantee their work for the best results.

    A professional pest control company will provide you with a contract so make sure you read it thoroughly.

  4. Do you have insurance?

    Every pest control company in Malaysia has a license. It’s crucial that who you will hire has been registered preferably under the HACCP. That way, you are totally convinced of their competence and compliance to serve you.

  5. What type of pesticide do you use?

    You don’t have to be an expert in pest control to know the types of pesticides. However, it is important to choose an extermination company that can disclose its list of pest treatment products.

    Moreover, along with the products, the pest control company should also indicate the potential hazards of the pesticides used. If they are reluctant to do so, strike them off the list.

  6. How do you approach pest control treatment?

    Pest control companies should provide a comprehensive outline of what their customer should know before and after the extermination treatment.

    What products will be used, how to prepare, the areas that will be treated, and what to do afterward should be clearly stated. This is so both parties can benefit from the pest treatment.


  7. Should I leave the premises during the treatment?

    It depends on the types of pesticides used. If the service people have disclosed the hazards of the chemicals, you will then be asked to leave the premises.

    Be sure to ask how long the treatment will last as there is no fixed time for a pest infestation treatment because of various factors. Once you’re aware of the timeline, it would be easier for you to manage your time.

  8. Can the treatment keep pests away forever?

    Of course, nobody wants pests. However, even after a pest control treatment, there is a possibility that pests may crawl back into your foundation. So, consult your pest control company for their action plan.

    Most companies will notify you of the procedures that will be taken but take into account your cooperation. Ask your service provider about the preventive measures you can do to avoid a possible infestation.

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  9. Do you have any customer reviews?

    A pest control agency that has many good reviews will definitely tell you about them. Not only for boasting but it’s proof of how good their services are.

    With that being said, be wary of pest treatment companies that are unwilling to provide you with recommendations and testimonials. After all, people trust the word of mouth from others.


Qualities of a professional exterminator company

  1. Have a listed or reachable telephone number
  2. Possess legitimate identification and credentials
  3. Arrive according to the agreed appointment
  4. Provides HACCP registered pest control formula and pesticides
  5. Uses brand new pest control products (some might use leftover products from the previous job and hide it behind a reduced price)


How to prepare before pest control service

A pest control company should be prepared but as a customer, it is in your best interest to follow the instructions given before they exterminate your home such as below.

  1. Clear away items from the floor and corners
  2. Clean floors, furniture, and walls
  3. Empty cabinets, drawers, cupboard or anywhere that will be under treatment
  4. Keep everyone and your pets as far away from the premises until it is safe
  5. Cover aquariums and ponds with heavy plastic or tarp
  6. Remove all fabric material from the premises or wrap with plastic
  7. Ensure all utensils, food, and homeware are cleared away


Choose the Top Pest Control Company in Malaysia

Nobody wants pests around. They’re uninvited and quite frankly, a nuisance.

To steer clear of them, you should know exactly how to choose the best pest control service near you.

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