Tips to Keep Away Snakes from Home during Monsoon Season

keep away snakes

Rainy season attracts snakes for shelter in your home and compound.

With Malaysia experiencing delayed Monsoon season, snakes are on the move more than usual around your home. Some people enjoy the encounter with them but not people like us. That’s why you’re reading this article now. We want to keep away snakes from us and our loved ones.

We know several things that attract snakes. Let’s keep them away from sight and you should be good to go. Here’s how you can keep away snakes from home during this Monsoon season in Malaysia.

What kind of snakes do you spot during the rainy season in Malaysia?

Venomous snakes are a real threat to us but let’s not take the non-venomous ones lightly as well. Some of the common snakes that are found in the housing area in Malaysia are:

  • Cobra
  • Common wolf snake
  • Pythons
  • Ratsnake, etc.

There are many more species that you may encounter and some can be poisonous. So, do be careful of the surrounding of your home. And, make sure to do your research on the types of snakes you are encountering before taking any action.

What to do to keep snakes out of your sight?

Precautions are always good to practise especially with pests and snakes that can harm us and our loved ones.

  • Use effective snake repellent
  • Feed your pets inside your home
  • Throw away leaf piles and debris
  • Keep the grass short always
  • Cover all open drains
  • Keep toilets covered
  • All doors should remain closed
  • Carry a torch when taking a walk at the garden at night
  • Beware of birdhouses
  • Burn the firewoods

keep away snakes

What to do when you see a snake in your home?

  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Don’t attack or kill the snake.
  • Keep an eye on its movement.
  • If you can safely move the snake using a stick, it can be done provided it is a snake that is non-venomous. However, we do not recommend you to do this.
  • Contact any nearby fire extinguishing team to help move the snake out of your home.

Later, get a pest control professional around your area to do a thorough check on your home and surrounding.

They can help find the possible entry passage for pests so you can close them and keep away from snakes at all times. This is very important, so don’t take the chances.

How to treat snake bites?

Typically, if you or anyone in your surrounding has gotten a snake bite, it is best for you to seek immediate medical attention. Also, many people think that snake bites should be very painful due to their poison but the pain actually becomes more intense as time goes which can potentially threaten lives.

But, be reminded to keep the area of snake bite below the heart in order to slow the spread of venom through the bloodstream.

Also, it is best if the victim remains calm and still. Moving around too much can cause the snake venom to spread faster through the body.

Lastly, cover the bite with a clean, dry bandage and ensure to use a pressure immobilization bandage.

While you wait for the ambulance to reach you or get a ride to the hospital, these precautionary measures can help slow down the spread of the snake venom as much as possible.

keep away snakes

The Pest Control Experts

Remember to practice these pest control methods to keep away snakes from yourself and your loved ones. Whichever method you choose to get rid of snakes for your home completely. Prevent them from invading your property at all costs. On a repeated reminder, clear their food resources, reduce moisture as much as you can and seal snake access points.

The best yet is to sign up for a professional pest control team’s prevention plan. You need not worry about snakes ever again.

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