Snake Control: Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

keep away snakes

Rainy season attracts snakes for shelter in your home and compound so snake control is a must.

Snake control is crucial with Malaysia experiencing Monsoon season which causes snakes to come out of their hiding spots. Although not all snakes are harmful, we don’t have the time to check what species they are when they come in contact.

Quite frankly, we aren’t too sure about what exactly attracts snakes into our homes. So, to keep them far away, here are some tips to keep snakes away from your home and family.

Snake Pest Control and Prevention

What kind of snakes are in Malaysia?

Venomous snakes are a real threat to us but let’s not take the non-venomous snakes lightly as well. Some of the common snakes found in a housing area in Malaysia are:

  • Cobra
  • Common wolf snake
  • Pythons
  • Ratsnake, etc.

There are many more snake species that you may encounter which can be poisonous too.

Once you’ve acknowledged the different types of snakes that can slither near your area, you can keep an eye out of for them.

What makes snakes stay away?

Precautions are always good to practice especially with snake problems that can harm us and our loved ones.

Hence, to keep yourself and others safe, follow these tips on how to keep snakes out of your home.

  • Use effective snake repellent
  • Feed your pets inside your home
  • Throw away leaf piles and debris
  • Keep the grass short always
  • Cover all open drains
  • Keep toilets covered
  • All doors should remain closed
  • Beware of birdhouses
  • Burn the firewoods

keep away snakes

What to do when you see a snake in your home?

A snake sighting can be alarming and terrifying. Although you feel taking matters into your own hands is the quickest way to get rid of snakes, snake traps it isn’t the safest option.

First of all, you must always maintain a safe distance away from the snake while keeping an eye on its movements.

Then, call your local fire and rescue team to remove a snake from your home. It is also recommended that you identify the snake to make things easier for the experts.

Later, hire a pest control professional near you for snake control services to do a thorough check on your home and surrounding.

They can help find the possible entry passage for snakes so you can close them and solve the snake problem.


The Best Snake Control and Prevention

Even though killing snakes yourself is cheaper and effective enough, it could cause way more risks than expected.

Hence, the best option is to hire professional snake specialists that can rid you of snakes around your home.

So get in touch with PestMaster, the certified pest control provider in Malaysia with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for all our snake control services.

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