Snake Control to Prevent Snakes in Your Garden


If you’re trying to practice snake control on your own in your garden, we remind you to be careful.  Because unfortunately,  snakes love to hang out in areas that are covered in a dense array of plants.

They are naturally drawn to spots where there is plenty of foliage that can serve as camouflage while they sneak up close enough to strike their prey. So, to prevent snake sightings in your garden continue reading the tips we have for you.

What attracts snakes to your garden?

Gardens are usually packed with plants that cover the ground and provide shade, plenty of hiding places, and a perfect spot for prey hunting. Most gardens have food productions including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

So, your garden becomes the best place for snakes to feast on rodents and enjoy a light snack. Hence, you need to solve the snake problem before it gets worse.

How to practice snake control in your garden?

Mow and clear the lawn

Snakes love to slither through tall grass undetected. Piles of rocks and wood have crevices that make a perfect spot for snakes to hide. So, clean up the ground in your yard, remove all the unwanted debris, and mow the grass regularly.

As a result, you can remove the snake naturally because they are not likely to stick around your yard when all their hiding spots are left exposed.

Clean the hedges and bushes

Pests like frogs and mice seek shelter in the hedges, shrubs, and bushes to hide away from predators. So, to make your garden less of a prey buffet for snakes, clean out the dead leaves that tend to gather.

If the small preys have no place to hide, they will leave your garden looking for another place to live.

Check for gaps or holes

This is the time for you to check the foundation around your home for small openings. They are a perfect place for snakes and other reptiles to slide in and set up homes for their families.

When cleaning up the lawn, inspect the outside of your home for small holes and cracks too. Seal them if you find any to prevent further snake problems.

Collect chicken eggs for snake control

Snakes enjoy chicken eggs and they have often been spotted lurking around chicken coops. If you have even a small chicken farm, remember to collect the eggs frequently so there is no chance for the snakes.

Doing so, they will eventually lose interest in hunting around your chicken and their eggs.

Mulch with rough, jagged materials

Snakes do not like rolling around in a bed of sharp rocks or thorns. Their sensitive scales do not like to travel over sharp surfaces, therefore, making a great way to deter garden snakes.

You can use natural materials such as pine cones, sharp rocks, eggshells, or holly leaves on surfaces where snakes are most likely to appear.

Use a non-toxic snake control repellent

Basically, typical snake repellents are often packed with potentially harmful chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your garden where you grow your food. These chemical repellents can harm your pets too.

Granular snake repellent can be sprinkled all around the garden and along the sidewalks. You can use it to create a barrier around places you want to deter snakes from entering.

Keep an eye on other pests

Most snakes survive on small prey like mice, moles, rats, and even insects such as grasshoppers, snails, and slugs. So, if your garden area is free from these little prey and insects, you are also keeping away snakes from your home. Hence, there will be no reason for the snakes to stick around.

What are the best plants to keep snakes away?

Generally, there are plants that have evolved to repel pests in their own ways. They have strong odors or sharp thorns and leaves that keep snakes away.

So choose one or two of these plants and they will do the trick to prevent a snake infestation in your garden.

  • Lemongrass
  • Onions and garlic
  • Snake plant
  • Marigold


The Snake Control Experts in Malaysia

Snake control practices are good for you to do in your garden especially during these rainy seasons. However, if you happen to detect any sign of snakes, contact professional snake specialists to check for you.

On a side note, look for us when you’re looking for snake control Selangor. Because our professional pest control exterminators are on the go with many snake sighting cases all around Klang Valley.

Hence, the best option is to hire professional snake control experts that can keep snakes away from your garden and home.

PestMaster is a certified pest control provider in Malaysia with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for all our snake control services.

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