What are the Best Termite Treatment in Malaysia (2021 Edition)

Termites are one of the most common pests we try getting rid of in Malaysia. The highly dense weather here is a haven for termite infestation.

Why not learn the best termite treatment in Malaysia so you are rid of termite problems for good?

So, here are the best termiticides on the list.


Snake Control Tips to Prevent Snake Sighting at Your Garden

If you’re trying to practice snake control by your own in your garden, we remind you to be careful.  Because unfortunately,  snakes love to hang out in areas that are covered in a dense array of plants.

They are naturally drawn to spots where there is plenty of foliage that can serve as camouflage while they sneak up close enough to strike their prey. So, to prevent snake sighting in your garden continue reading the tips we have for you.


Tips to Keep Away Snakes from Home during Monsoon Season

Rainy season attracts snakes for shelter in your home and compound.

With Malaysia experiencing delayed Monsoon season, snakes are on the move more than usual around your home. Some people enjoy the encounter with them but not people like us. That’s why you’re reading this article now. We want to keep away snakes from us and our loved ones.

We know several things that attract snakes. Let’s keep them away from sight and you should be good to go. Here’s how you can keep away snakes from home during this Monsoon season in Malaysia.


DIY or Professional Anti Termite Treatment Service?

DIY anti-termite treatment may be promoted as a cheaper alternative to get rid of termites that only ends up in greater costs.

Termite problems are rapidly growing in the market that makes you want to solve the issue yourself. We’d say it’s not the best option to go for. So, don’t say we did not warn you.

Do-it-yourself can be great for projects like standing the deck, painting the walls and making handy crafts but is not be the case for termites. And, there are several risks that you might be taking if you were to attempt to use termite treatment methods on your own.


Anti-termite: Do this to Kill Termites Forever

Instead of creating an anti-xxx army, consider being an anti-termite army.

Instead of attacking people on the internet, let’s attack the real enemy instead. Yes, we are talking about the Almighty Termites that are capable of destroying your Home Sweet Home.

If you want to get rid of enemies once and for all, you will need to first, study about them – their background, lifestyle and traps. FYI, we are not serial killers. We are only talking about pests.

And, when it comes to termites, we have done in-depth research for you. So, here it goes!


Clever Pest Control Tips During Rainy Season in Malaysia

Pest control during the rainy season is absolutely crucial since Malaysia has 2 monsoon seasons throughout the year.

It’s the rainy season, but there are some uninvited guests over – pests!

Mainly it’s because pests have no food or shelter due to the rain. Therefore, your home is the one place for them to survive.

However, it is unsafe for us since they are life-threatening and a nuisance.

So, here are some clever tips for you to prevent such pests from invading your safe space during the rainy season in Malaysia.


How to Permanently Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast in Malaysia

Bed bugs can be found in places where humans sit and sleep.

They can even infester seats on public transportation or public places.

There are many other ways for you to know if there is an infestation either on your bed, blanket, pillows, and any fabric material. The key signs are small dark or brown stains which are usually their droppings.

Statistics have shown that a majority of people struggle to get rid of bed bugs because they are tiny and reproduce very fast.

To rid of this nuisance, here are some simple yet proven ways to get rid of bed bugs from your bed for good!


4 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Despite their size, cockroaches are a big nuisance.

On top of that, seeing them roam around in the house at night aches our eyes even more.

Why trouble yourself in getting rid of cockroaches when you can prevent their infestation from the start?


List of Methods in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Malaysia

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management in Malaysia or IPM is a natural approach to prevent pests.

It includes many techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, and the use of resistant modifications.


How to Choose the Right Pest Control Service in Malaysia

Best pest control service in Malaysia

Practicing preventive measures requires extensive knowledge of the pest control service.

Plus, some pests are harder to control so you need a reliable and advanced pest control service to help.

Like any other service, the top factor you should focus on is quality. Cost is important, but putting in above all other necessary factors is a mistake.

Make sure the pest exterminator you choose is competent and professional, preferably one that practices an Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Before you make this life-changing decision, here are some pointers for you to choose the best pest control service.