DIY or Professional Anti Termite Treatment Service?

DIY anti-termite treatment may be promoted as a cheaper alternative to get rid of termites that only ends up in greater costs.

Termite problems are rapidly growing in the market that makes you want to solve the issue yourself. We’d say it’s not the best option to go for. So, don’t say we did not warn you.

Do-it-yourself can be great for projects like standing the deck, painting the walls and making handy crafts but is not be the case for termites. And, there are several risks that you might be taking if you were to attempt to use termite treatment methods on your own.


Anti-termite: Do this to Kill Termites Forever

Instead of creating an anti-xxx army, consider being an anti-termite army.

Instead of attacking people on the internet, let’s attack the real enemy instead. Yes, we are talking about the Almighty Termites that are capable of destroying your Home Sweet Home.

If you want to get rid of enemies once and for all, you will need to first, study about them – their background, lifestyle and traps. FYI, we are not serial killers. We are only talking about pests.

And, when it comes to termites, we have done in-depth research for you. So, here it goes!


Clever Pest Control Tips During Rainy Season in Malaysia

Pest control during the rainy season is absolutely crucial since Malaysia has 2 monsoon seasons throughout the year.

It’s the rainy season, but there are some uninvited guests over – pests!

Mainly it’s because pests have no food or shelter due to the rain. Therefore, your home is the one place for them to survive.

However, it is unsafe for us since they are life-threatening and a nuisance.

So, here are some clever tips for you to prevent such pests from invading your safe space during the rainy season in Malaysia.