What are the Best Termite Treatment in Malaysia (2021 Edition)


Termite treatment in Malaysia keeps your home termite-free permanently

Termites are one of the most common pests in Malaysia. The highly dense weather here is a haven for termite infestation.

To combat this, we have compiled the best termite treatment in Malaysia so you are rid of termite problems for good.

Termite Treatment Solutions in Malaysia

Each termite treatment system is differently suited for different needs and factors. From the various termite species, you can now solve this problem using the best anti termite treatment in Malaysia.

Types of termite colonies and the severity of the termite infestations are some of the factors pest exterminators consider.

What is the most effective termite treatment?

Do termite baiting systems really work?

A termite baiting plan is specifically designed to safeguard your property against termite infestations. All the more, there are different termite colonies that infest in different places of your home.

This anti termite treatment suits the Malaysian climate best and eliminates the entire termite colonies.

So, it’s a big win for you to get a professional pest exterminator to do the baiting using advanced termite detection devices and scientific termite pest control systems.

How does termite baiting work?

Worker termites usually forage outside their colony in search of food. So, termite baiting and monitoring stations are placed around your property to attract these termites applying the Colony Elimination Plan (CEP).

Later, the worker termites feed on the bait and share with other termites. Here, the active ingredients spread throughout the colony killing them off.

This is a gradual process of eliminating termite infestation on your property.

Termite monitoring solution

Termite Monitoring Solution (TMS) is best for properties that are yet to experience termite infestation. In other words, it’s the best option for a termite infestation prevention plan.

TMS is specially designed to provide a holistic approach to minimize the risk of infestation. Here, this solution monitors your property for any termite activities before they become a problem.

How does termite monitoring work?

Firstly, discreet monitoring stations will be set around your property. Then, the termite experts would routinely monitor these stations for any termite infestation.

Also, nobody can guarantee 100% termite prevention in properties in Malaysia. But, this monitoring solution will allow the termite exterminators to address infestation quickly and efficiently.

Liquid Termiticide Treatment in Malaysia

Liquid termiticide treatment is known to be one of the most effective anti-termite treatments available in Malaysia. It’s the best total termite control.

This anti-termite treatment provides a complete defense mechanism to protect your property against termite activities.

So, we suggest you hire established termite treatment experts for a controlled anti- termite corrective treatment.


How does liquid termite treatment work?

Basically, pest control experts will drill holes around the perimeter of your property and inject the liquid into the ground. Thus, it creates a barrier that separates your property from the soil.

Especially the Subterranean termites that travel through the soil to get into your property. This liquid termiticide also coats the termite bodies making them spread the poison to the entire colony.

So, via physical contact, it eliminates the termite infestation gradually.

Which termite treatment is the best?

Termite control and prevention practices are good for you to do in your properties especially during these rainy seasons. Because termites are most active during the post rainfall.

However, if you are yet to inspect your property for termite infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a professional pest control team.

Also, do your own DIY termite prevention by clearing food resources, reducing moisture as much as you can, and sealing pest access points.


Who is the best Pest Control Expert in Malaysia?

All in all, the best option for you is to hire professional anti-termite control experts that can rid you of termites for good.

PestMaster is a certified pest control provider in Malaysia that applies Integrated Pest Management (IPM) throughout all our anti termite services.

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