Termites are responsible for severe damage to houses as they mainly feed on wood. In order to control termite, you need to recognize termite infestation in your house.

Often, many homeowners fail to realize the termite infestation early. Therefore, they need to spend more money to fix the damages the termites caused within their homes.

So, here is how you can recognize termite infestations in your home and control them before it is too late.

Does Your Home Have Termites? 

Because of their tiny size, most homeowners can only detect termites when they have already caused significant damage and have built large colonies. 

At this point, it is difficult to get rid of these pesky creatures. Thousands of termites emerging into your house should be an obvious indicator of an infestation. 

Nevertheless, look out for some of these common signs of termite infestation before calling a pest control agency for anti termite treatment.

Mud tubes

A species of termite known as the subterranean termites build mud tubes on surfaces such as walls. 

Made from soil and wood, termites use mud tubes to travel between food source and nest without being seen and as well as to protect themselves from predators. 

Termite swarmers and discarded wings

Termite swarmers or alates are winged termites whose primary function is reproduction. These flying termites will emerge to find a suitable place for a new colony. 

Once they find a mate, they break off their wings. If you find piles of discarded wings on the floors, chances are there are active termites in your house. The next course of action is to call for anti termite services.


Termite droppings also called Frass are an indicator of dry wood termites. Drywood termites will leave behind their droppings after consuming wood. 

The color can vary depending on the color of wood they consumed and you can normally find droppings near damaged woods.

Recognize these signs in your house? If the answer is yes, then that only means the pesky creatures may have infested your house. So how do you control termite?


How to Control Termite Infestation

If you have confirmed that your house is infested, here are 3 methods of anti- termite corrective treatment you can use to control termites:

Liquid termite barrier

This method will not only destroy the termites that are already in your house, but it will also serve as a preventative measure. 

A liquid termite barrier works by fully encasing your house in a pesticide barrier that poisons termites upon contact.

Poison bait to control termite

Some people may feel uncomfortable with gallons of pesticide being sprayed around their houses. 

With the poison bait method, you will not need to spray pesticides around your house because the bait will attract foraging termites, which will then disperse the poison around the colony.

Control termite with direct chemical treatment

While a liquid barrier treatment or poisoned bait can be extremely effective on the outside of your house, they are ineffective on the inside. 

That means when you discover termites in the crevices in your wall, you will need to act quickly to eliminate them, and direct chemical treatment comes in handy in this situation.


How to Prevent Termite Infestation

People always said it is better to prevent than to treat. You can take some preventive measures to prevent termites from infesting your house. Here is some DIY termite prevention you can do:

Get rid of moisture

Termites love moisture. Therefore, getting rid of excess moisture will help keep them at bay. 

Fix leaks immediately to reduce moisture levels and make sure the ground around your house stays dry through proper drainage and grading.

Avoid wood to ground contact

Wood components such as door and window frames that are in contact with the ground can be an open invitation to termites. It allows them easy access to food, moisture, shelter, and hidden entry into your house. 

Experts believe wood components need to have at least six inches distance from the ground to minimize the risk of termite infestation.

Avoid planting trees and shrubs near your house

Growing trees and shrubs near your foundation will give termites free access to your house through the roots. 

Ensure that you remove dead trees and stumps as they can also be breeding grounds for termites.

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Get Professional Pest Control to Control Termite

Sometimes, even if you take preventive measures, termites can still infest your house.

This is because of the natural hidden openings you can easily overlook. These hidden openings require trained eyes.

Plus, not everyone has the means to control termites on their own as some termite colonies can have tens of thousands of termites.

This is when you need professional termite control services. If termites fully infest your homes, consider getting a professional termite pest control team to get rid of termites for good. 

They can help detect termite activity in your house by doing a thorough inspection and apply the proper anti-termite treatment.

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