How to Combat Rat Infestation During Flooding

Rat infestation during flooding is a threat for homeowners and business owners alike

During the monsoon season in Malaysia, rats are a common sight in flooded parts of the country.

Aside from the fact that floods can cause damage to homes and businesses, rats also pose a threat during the rainy season.

However, despite the danger of flooding and damaged property, controlling the rat problem is entirely possible.

Follow our tips for preventing rat infestation during flooding.

Controlling Rats During Flood Season

In areas where flooding is common, rodent control is essential to flood damage prevention.

Floods can lead to rat infestations, leading to more damage to property and homes.

Fortunately, one can follow some precautions to combat rats during flooding effectively.

Why does rat infestation increase during a flood?

The overflowing water caused by the flood forced rats to abandon their natural habitats.

For example, the sewers and basements.

And did you know that rats can swim for three days straight and hold their breath underwater for three minutes?

This means that rats can easily escape their home environments during a flood and find new locations for food and shelter.

This includes your home and office buildings.

Hence, the increase in rodent infestation during the rainy season.

Not-so-fun fact: Rat can even swim up your toilet 😱

 How to Combat Rat Infestation During Flooding

Prevention tips for rat infestation during a flood

So, here’s what you can do to prevent rats from infesting your property:

Close and secure the trash can

Rats love to feed on compost and garbage.

So, prevent rats from entering your home or business by tightly sealing the trash cans.

Trash, particularly food scraps, must be emptied frequently so that there is no source of food for the rats to feed on.

Cover your food

Rats will chew through almost anything to get at food, so make sure you keep your cabinets and pantries closed tightly at all times.

You should also seal all food in airtight containers so rats cannot access them if they find their way into your home.

Clean up after every meal to prevent rat infestation

You should use a damp cloth to wipe down all surfaces after each meal.

This includes tables, countertops, and the floor around the sink or stove.

Rats will look for any food sources, so you want to ensure they don’t find any leftovers.

Dispose of food waste properly and keep leftovers away

Once rats have found a food source, they will return again and again.

Thus, it is important to keep food waste out of their reach by disposing of it properly (in the trash) and keeping leftovers away from where they can get to.

 How to Combat Rat Infestation During Flooding

Install rat traps

Another effective way to prevent rats from entering your property is by installing rat traps near entry points such as doors and windows.

You should also check the exterior of your home for areas where water damage could allow rats to get in.

Basically, if you see an open area where rats could enter, place a trap directly in front of it.

Protecting Your Property From Rat Infestation During Flooding

If flooding is an ever-present concern in your area, you may have given protecting your property during a flood some degree of thought.

But are you protected from rat infestation?

If your first response is that you have no idea what to do, then that’s perfectly normal, as it’s not something we consider often enough.

Regardless, you can contact Pestmaster for more information regarding rat control during a flood or general pest control.

Pestmaster is a pest control expert that offers a wide range of pest control services, including rodent control services.

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