5 Best Practices for Commercial Pest Management

5 Best Practices for Commercial Pest Management

Commercial pest management is essential for businesses to maintain a healthy, safe and hygienic environment. Not only does pest infestation pose health risks, but it can also damage property, goods, and reputation. To prevent, detect, and manage pest infestations, it's crucial to implement best practices for commercial pest management. Best Practices for Effective Commercial Pest [...]

The Importance of Pest Control in Hospitals and Clinics

Pest control in hospitals and clinics ensures those facilities remain pest-free. Healthcare facilities should never take pest control problems lightly. Pests transmit diseases, and their presence in hospitals and clinics where patients seek treatment is a major red flag. Recently, a patient found rats scurrying around children’s wards in a public hospital. It became viral […]


Mosquito Fogging: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Home or Business

What is Mosquito Fogging? Mosquito fogging will free your home or business from mosquitoes. Mosquito fogging is a method of mosquito control that involves dispersing insecticides into the air through a mosquito fogger. For better control, the best time to carry out mosquito fogging is in the evening when mosquitoes are the most active.


What are the Best Pest Control for Rats?

Pest control for rats is important to avoid serious diseases that rats are known to transmit such as Leptospirosis. If you manage to detect their signs, immediately use these rat control methods on your property.

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