Pest control for rats is important to avoid serious diseases that rats are known to transmit such as Leptospirosis.

If you manage to detect their signs, immediately use these rat control methods on your property.

What are the signs of rats?

Rats are most active between dusk and dawn. So, it is often easier to spot their existence.

So, if you do see any of the signs mentioned below, you need to act quickly to control the spread of the rodent infestation. The best option is to reach out to pest control experts for rats control services.

What does a rat infestation look like?

  • Rat droppings
  • Bite marks
  • Rub marks
  • Gnaw marks
  • Scratching noises
  • Burrows
  • Rat nests
  • Footprints (running tracks)
  • Strong odors

Where to check for rats inside a building?

  • Lofts and attic spaces – shredded loft insulation, chewed items, and rat dropping in corners and inside items like cardboard boxes.
  • Kitchens and laundries – behind appliances like cookers, washing machines, dishwashers and check for any gaps of pipework or cables.
  • Spaces out of sight – crawlspaces, suspended ceilings, and cavity walls.

Where to check for rats outside a building?

  • Decking – edges of decked areas for signs of damage from gnawing and burrowing.
  • Sheds – rat holes around the edges of sheds and areas out of buildings.
  • Garages – gaps around door frames or holes gnawed at the bottom of wooden doors.
  • Compost bins – lid and base of composters for holes and gnaw marks.
  • Vegetation – rat holes among trees and shrub roots, in overgrown vegetation or nearby wasteland.
  • Drains – drain covers damaged 0r have holes dug next to them.

How do I get rid of rats fast?

The presence of rats can cause severe financial losses especially once it is known to the public. The public can backlash you and avoid your business for some time.

In Penang, a bakery was slapped with a RM3000 fine when rat droppings were found on their bread packagings despite being warned by the State Health Department Food Safety and Quality Division.

Full news article: Penang bakery told to close after rat droppings found in premises

Meanwhile, in a popular Japanese restaurant in KL, 2 rats were seen running around the kitchen freely by a customer. The news quickly went viral, and people have shared their disappointment about the lack of hygiene.

rats sighting in a restaurant

Full news article: 2 Rats Seen In KL Restaurant Kitchen, Workers Laugh Off Customer’s Concern

So, to ensure your business operations run smoothly and your loved ones are safeguarded, follow these best pest control for rats.


Integrated Rodent Management (IRM)

Integrated Rodent Management (IRM) is a holistic rodent control program specially designed to effectively and efficiently manage rat infestations through 4 steps – exclusion, restriction, treatment, and monitoring.

Exclusion Creates a rodent-proof premise to prevent access through entry points. So, closing of windows and doors as well as sealing gaps in floors, walls and ceilings are applied.
Restriction Remove food sources, practice strict hygiene and sanitation practices, and clear potential shelter areas to stop the spread of rat infestation.
Treatment (Destruction) Use marketing leading solutions such as bait stations and rat condo traps to keep the infestation under control. Depending on preferences, there are options for toxic and non-toxic solutions.
Monitoring Utilize trend analysis to accurately record the number of rats after infestations get to manageable levels.

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How to prevent rats from entering your premises?

After a thorough rodent control, you can deter rats and avoid infestation completely. Rats typically need easy and consistent access to a water source and where there is ample food.


Rat deterrent tips

  • Tidy inside the house and around your premises, be it a restaurant or home with less clutter for rats to hide.
  • Keep food in glass containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Place outdoor rubbish in metal bins with securely fitted lids.
  • Clean up pet food and birdseed debris.
  • Keep the garden free from debris and keep away from composting organic food waste.

Certified Pest Control for Rats in Malaysia

All in all, this is why you need professional rat pest control Malaysia. Before rats fully infest your homes, hire a professional rat exterminator in Malaysia to help get rid of rats for good.

Moreover, their rat control services include detecting rat activity in your house thoroughly and applying the proper anti-rat treatment.

If you are looking for professional rat control Malaysia, look no further! Our team provides the best pest control services that are efficient but affordable.

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