In the last couple of months, Malaysia was hit by one of the worst floods, causing harm to humans and property, such as physical damages, health hazards, and pest problems.

flood in malaysia

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As the water recedes, the aftermath was just as devastating. One of the aftermaths of floods is unwanted pests.

The abundance of water and refuse during and after a flood allows most pests to flourish.

Common Pest Problems After A Flood

When returning to your homes or business premises after a flood, keep an eye out for the following pests:


Insects, especially mosquitoes, thrive better after heavy rain or floods. There will be standing water everywhere after a flood, which will likely become mosquitoes’ new breeding ground.



Cockroaches typically breed in sewers and drains.

During floods, the sewers and drains will overflow, flushing these cockroaches out. As a result, they will seek new shelter elsewhere, including inside your home.

Moreover, these nasty creatures are naturally drawn to wet and humid conditions. Therefore, it is no surprise that flood-damaged houses and premises attract them.


Flooding can contaminate the water with dead animals, garbage, food, and other organic matters. All of these can draw flies even after the water subsides since they are attracted to decaying organic matters.


Just like humans, other creatures, such as rodents will have to look for higher ground to escape from the flood. They typically enter the home through difficult-to-find holes and cracks.

How to Deal with Pest Problems After The Flood

While you are working to recover your house, you also want to include these tips for pest management during the flood.


Inspect for damages

The first flood pest management you need to do is inspect for any damages caused by the floods. You may have a cracked wall or a broken window that allows pests to sneak into your home.

If there are openings, seal them up as soon as possible. Closing all entry points makes it harder for pests to find access to your property.

Get rid of excess humidity

Having extra humidity is sure a way to invite pests into your property. Hence, what you can do to avoid pest infestation is to get rid of the excess humidity.

You can use humidifiers or fans to cool and dry your home.

Remove trash and debris

Trash and debris are a good source of shelter and food for pests.


Clean and sanitize

Cleaning and decluttering is always a good idea, but it is especially important after floods.

Once you remove all water-soaked objects and dry the house, use sanitation products to clean it, paying special attention to the areas around and beneath furniture and appliances.

The final goal is to get rid of all water and contaminated materials from the house.

Get Professional Pest Control to Deal with Pest Problems

When it comes to pest control, leave it to the professionals.

Whether it is caused by a flood or otherwise, a professional pest control company like Pestmaster will know to deal with pest problems effectively.

So, if you are looking for professional pest control services in Malaysia for your home or business after a flood, contact our dedicated team of exterminators.

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