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Pestmaster began its operation in 2006 and ever since, we have been a trusted, reliable and professional pest control service provider. We provide programs and tailored solutions to serious pest infestation issues to our customers’ properties.

Our service records and guarantees have given us the opportunities to serve our clients for many years.​

Our Customers, and many more…

Provides visits and consultation before proceed any works.
KarFai Leong
KarFai Leong
Very reactive, the management responded within minutes for an emergency rodent situation. Their staff is very polite and works very efficiently. Can't recommend enough their pest control and rodent extermination services.
Nath R.
Nath R.
Excellent services done by professionals. Termites problem solved.
May Yan
May Yan
Good service
amy amy
amy amy
Having used numerous Pest Control companies over the last many decades, I was pleasantly surprised that Pest Master stands out from all the rest with the personal commitment and professional dedication to complete customer-satisfaction. Pretty impressive!
Andrew Thevarajan
Andrew Thevarajan
Affordable and excellent service.
Gabriel Lim
Gabriel Lim
My termite problem is finally solved. Thank you Pestmaster : )
Xiamen University Malaysia
Hong Leong Bank
HELP University
KU Suites
Melange Hotel
Jin Xuan Holdings Sdn Bhd
Enderong Resort
Bilut Hills


Discover how our amazing team can help your business.

Termite Treatment

termite pest control

With thousands of houses being attacked by termites every year, our methods are proven to get rid of termites effectively.

Mosquito Fogging

mosquito pest control

Get the surrounding of your property fogged to combat AEDES mosquitoes and diseases from your loved ones.

Cockroach Control

cockroach pest control

Get rid of the exhausting jobs of constantly saving your food and clothes from diseases caused by cockroaches.

Disinfection Service

Never risk the bombard of COVID-19 virus and other bacterial infections in your property.

Rat control

rat pest control
Our strategic planning with multiple effective methods get rid of rat from properties.

Fly Control

fly pest control
We achieve your goal to sanitise your properties from flies using various methods.

Fleas & Ticks Removal

ticks pest control

You need not dealt with the nuisance of fleas and ticks constantly using our innovative solutions.

Bed Bugs Treatment

bed bug pest control

Stop giving in to these bloodsucking bugs that rob your peaceful sleep. Get rid of them using effective treatments.

Ant control


Ants are the most frequent & persistent pests encountered around homes and buildings. They can contaminate food, build mounds on property & cause damage by hollowing out wood & other materials for nesting.

and many more …

What’s Pestering You?

Know the signs to keep your home safe and free from unwanted visitors.

termites treatment


  • Mud tubes
  • Discarded wings
  • Droppings
  • Swarmers

flea and tick control

Flea & Tick

  • Droppings
  • Flea eggs
  • Itching
  • Rashes

cockroach control


  • Droppings
  • Stench
  • Smear marks
  • Eggs

mosquito control


  • Buzzing sound
  • Bites
  • Itching
  • Mosquito larvae

fly control


  • Sighting of flies
  • Maggots
  • Dark clusters

ants control


  • Live ants
  • Ant trails
  • Ant nests

bed bug control

Bed Bugs

  • Bloodstains
  • Bites
  • Fecal marks
  • Eggs

rat control


  • Droppings
  • Holes
  • Rat nests
  • Scratching noise

Seen These Signs?

Act fast before it’s too late!

Grab these special offers

for effective pest control and get more bang for your bucks.

Termite Prevention +

Recommended for Residential Renovation

  3 + 2 Years Warranty

  Free 2 Inspections

  Free Termite Baiting* (NP: RM1800)

  Slab Injection

  Pestmaster Wipeout Plan

*Termite baiting applies if subterranean termites are detected during warranty.

Contact for Special Price !

Termite Baiting +

Recommended for Residential Properties

  Extended 12 Months Warranty (Total 24 Months)

  Free 2 Inspections (From 13 - 24 Months)

  Free Termite Baiting* (NP: RM1800)

  Pestmaster Wipeout Plan

*Termite baiting applies if subterranean termites are detected during warranty.

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Flea & Tick Removal +

Only RM600!

Recommended for Residential Properties

  2 Removal Services

  1 Free Prevention Service

  Pestmaster Wipeout Plan

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How We Work?

Initial Inspection

Our expert technicians will visit your property, analyze the conditions, and recommend the best approach to protecting your home or business.

Pest Control & Treatments

With our comprehensive pest control services, from prevention to extermination we keep your home or business pest-free.


All services are performed in accordance with the highest standards. If pests are found during a re-inspection, we will resolve all issues at no additional costs*

*during warranty period only

We are licensed and certified pest control company

Pest Control Operator

Pesticide License for Storage
SEL 2009/983/208(SJ)

No. Pendaftaran: 725860D

Food Hygiene for Hotels and Restaurants
Essential Requirements, UKM

HACCP Course
Introduction to HACCP Course UKM

HACCP Train the Trainer
US Agency for International Development and US Department of Agriculture

Creating a Safer and Tranquil Property for All

We believe in protecting homes and businesses from pests since 2006. Being one of the leading pest control experts in Malaysia, we endlessly introduce new solutions that are safe and effective to help you keep your properties away from pests issues.

Choosing a pest control company is more than killing pests.

8 reasons you should choose us

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Response Time
  • Proven Problem Solving Methods
  • 20 Years Experience
  • Trusted & Reliable
  • Service Guarantee
  • Well Trained and Experienced Staff
  • Affordable and Reasonable Pricing

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Quick, safe, and responsive pest control solutions to protect your property.

We put you at rest by making your home or property protected against pests. Our dedicated team of exterminators provides fast and safe pest removal. With our proactive and effective pest control solutions, you can finally feel safe from pests.

Pest control for your home

We can protect your home with insect control including spider pest control, cockroach pest control, and termite treatment to pest control for rats and other pesky pests. We start by carefully inspecting your home for signs of pests and then use effective pest control methods to get rid of pests inside your home.

Pest control for your business

Our pest control methods include protecting businesses with fast and powerful pest control. It is crucial that business properties go through pest inspections regularly to avoid any fines or legal issues. Book an inspection with us today!

Quick, safe, and responsive pest control solutions to protect your property.

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