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We are licensed and certified by

Pest Control Operator

Pesticide License for Storage
SEL 2009/983/208(SJ)

No. Pendaftaran: 725860D

Food Hygiene for Hotels and Restaurants
Essential Requirements, UKM

HACCP Course
Introduction to HACCP Course UKM

HACCP Train the Trainer
US Agency for International Development and US Department of Agriculture

Creating a Safer and Tranquil Property for All

We believe in protecting homes and businesses from pests since 2006. Being one of the leading pest control experts in Malaysia, we endlessly introduce new solutions that are safe and effective to help you keep your properties away from pests issues.


Discover how our amazing team can help your business.

termite treatment

Termite Treatment

With thousands of houses being attacked by termites every year, our methods are proven to be effective to get rid of termites permanently.

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pest control service

Cockroach Control

Get rid of the exhausting jobs of constantly saving your food and clothes from diseases caused by cockroaches.

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disinfection service

Disinfection Service

Never risk the bombard of COVID-19 virus and other bacterial infections in your property.

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fleas & ticks control

Fleas & Ticks Removal

You need not dealt with the nuisance of fleas and ticks constantly using our innovative solutions.

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Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Fogging

Get the surrounding of your property fogged to combat AEDES mosquitoes and diseases from your loved ones.

rat control

Rat control

Our strategic planning with multiple effective methods get rid of rat from properties.

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bed bugs control

Bed Bugs Treatment

Stop giving in to these bloodsucking bugs that rob your peaceful sleep. Get rid of them using effective treatments.

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Fly Control

Fly Control

We achieve your goal to sanitise your properties from flies using various methods.

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Ant control

Ant control

Ants are the most frequent and persistent pests encountered around homes and buildings. They can contaminate food, build mounds on property and cause damage by hollowing out wood and other materials for nesting.

and many more ...

Covering from powerful ant control, rat control, ticks and flea removal, etc.

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